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Help! One of my audition times is overbooked!

Q&A #9

When setting up the audition details for your show you are able to add up to 25 time slots, each with an optional maximum capacity. When the number of performers who signed up for a particular block exceeds the maximum capacity, that time slot will no longer show on the audition form for the next auditionees.

The system checks time slot capacity whenever an auditionee loads the final step of the form, so it is possible if several people are signing up at the same time that the system may not have a chance to block a popular time slot for everyone. This has the highest chance to occur when you first announce that auditions are open, since that's likely when the most people will hurry to get the best time.

To lessen the chance of overbooking, schedule audition times for small groups insted of individual sessions, if possible. For example, schedule 6 people in 30-minute intervals (call them "arrival times") instead of booking individual time slots every 5 minutes. Auditionees usually don't mind waiting a few minutes and you'll be less likely to fall behind schedule when someone inevitably runs late.

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