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Cast98 - Easy Rehearsal Scheduling for Theatre Directors


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Simple and Affordable

Cast98 is the most affordable suite of logistics tools available to community theatres and small (usually non-profit) performance groups. With a simple and transparent pricing model, show directors know exactly what they're getting when they sign up.

  • Free: Studios can host auditions on Cast98 for no charge
  • $98 per show: Access to Cast98's powerful schedule builder with auto-syncing conflict calendars

Competitors charge $300+ for a single production and non-automated features. Yikes.

The Full Details

Feature Included
Cost $98/show
Tech Support Basic
Studio Logo Soon!
Feature Included
Online Audition Signups
Auditionee Dashboard
Audition Reminders
Audition Insights
Auditionee Scorecards
Auditions Announcement Template
Cast & Crew
Feature Included
Online Performer Profiles
Online Conflict Calendars
Performer Reputation
Cast List Builder
Cast Bios
Crew Assignments
Cast & Crew Contact Sheet
Cast List Announcement Template
Feature Included
Rehearsal Schedule Builder
Rehearsal Groups
Personalized Rehearsal Schedules
Rehearsal Schedule Announcement Template

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Step One: Create Your Profile

Compared to Virtual Stage Management prices, it's a no-brainer.