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Cast98: Easy Cast Logistics For Theatre Directors

Upcoming Changes

By popular demand, we are working on an update to make Auditions and Rehearsal Scheduling two separate services. Annual subscribers will be grandfathered into a new bundled plan at a special rate for both services. Stay tuned for more news!

Manage large casts easily with Cast98

  • Online audition signups
  • Auto-syncing conflict calendars
  • Personalized rehearsal schedules

Plus cast bios, auditionee profiles, insights, email templates, and more!

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How It Works

Cast98 is a self-service web app whereby show directors and stage managers can automate bothersome show logistics for large casts.

Performers create their own profile and sign up for auditions. When a show's director builds the cast list, cast member conflicts automatically sync with the rehearsal schedule builder, so the director can start scheduling rehearsals with no downtime.

Top 4 Director Delights

  • Automated audition signups
  • Preformatted cast bios
  • Cast member conflicts automatically sync with schedule builder
  • Immediate turnaround from completing cast list to building schedule

Top 4 Performer Praises

  • Online profile is reusable every audition
  • Seeing my rehearsals highlighted on the schedule
  • Edit my conflict calendar from my phone
  • Export rehearsals to Google, Yahoo, Apple, Outlook calendars

Did you know?

Directors and stage managers save between 20 and 50 hours each production cycle thanks to automation features.

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For Everyone Create An Account

Performers use their profile to sign up for auditions. Directors and stage managers use it to edit show information and build things.

For Studio Managers Add A Studio

Studios join for free and only pay when using Cast98 to manage a show. Upgrade to an unlimited plan to unlock special features.

For Directors & Stage Managers Host A Show

Add a show anytime. Auditions are locked until a director enables them, so post a show ASAP and create some buzz for auditions.

Tips and Tricks

Directors: Use the auditionees dashboard to save observations during auditions. They're handy to reference later.

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