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Cast98: Easy Cast Logistics For Theatre Directors

Easy Cast Logistics
For Theatre Directors

With our online schedule builder that automatically syncs conflict calendars,
start-to-finish rehearsal schedules have never been so painless.

Online Conflict Calendar

Actors edit their own conflict calendar, right from their computer or smartphone. It saves paper, it saves time, and they never have to start from scratch. The director gets a snapshot of their conflicts when they sign up for an audition and can decide whether or not to accept late conflicts.

Simple Schedule Builder

Directors can start building the rehearsal schedule as soon as they finish the cast list. Cast98 automatically imports the entire cast's conflicts for easy side-by-side comparison to find the best day for rehearsals.

Automatic & Personalized Rehearsal Schedule

Death to unwieldy spreadsheets! Cast members can login to view the rehearsal schedule at any time, and everybody gets a personalized schedule automatically. Performers see all of their rehearsals in one place and can export them to their favorite calendar app.

Parental Controls

Profile Assist allows parents to easily manage their kiddo's resume and conflicts from a single account.


No, you can't skip the auditions form and go straight to scheduling. The magic of our schedule builder is that it alleviates the burden on directors and stage managers by enabling actors to enter their own conflicts so that no one person has to do it alone. Skipping the auditions form (which is how actors submit their conflicts) seems like a fast-track solution but would result in more work in the end.

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Getting Started First-Timers

It will take you 15 minutes to get your accounts in order before you're running your first show on Cast98. These tasks are only necessary once.

  1. Create your personal profile
  2. Create your studio page
  3. Invite your actors to Cast98

How It Works How It Works

Performers create their own profile and manage their own information. Directors post shows from their studio page. Performers opt-in for a show by completing an audition form, then the director can build a cast list and begin scheduling rehearsals.

Simple Pricing What It Costs

Cast98 exists to help small theatres automate tedious cast logistics. We're not catering only to the big Broadway groups, we're here to support local theatre. $98 per show is the only cost, and we occasionally announce sales to our Twitter followers.

Did you know?

Studio managers can add staff members to help manage ongoing production logistics.

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Getting Started Our Mission

to help small-budget community theatres overcome the logistical challenges of putting on large-scale productions.

How It Works How It Works

Studios join for free and only pay when using Cast98 to manage a show. Upgrade to an unlimited plan to unlock special features.

For Directors & Stage Managers

Add a show anytime. Auditions are locked until a director enables them, so post a show ASAP and create some buzz for auditions.