Cast98: Helping theatre directors save time. Lots of time.

Automated Performer Logistics
For Theatre Companies

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Director Delights

  1. Audition signups are all-digital. Overpriced printer ink is officially off the shopping list.
  2. Cast member conflicts sync to the rehearsal schedule automatically.
  3. Provided email templates make communication easy. Just copy and paste.

Performer Perks

  1. Never fill out a paper audition form, ever again. Your online profile is saved and reused.
  2. Get a personal rehearsal schedule and see your name highlighted on the full version.
  3. Directors can allow access to private audition notes to help performers improve over time.

Get Started, It's Easy

1. Add yourself

Every performer, director, and studio owner must have their own Cast98 profile. Performers use their profile to sign up for auditions. There's even space to save a cast bio, emergency contact info, and conflict calendar.

Do it now

2. Add a studio

Studios can join Cast98 for free. Just create a user account and add your studio. Use the customizable email template to invite known performers to use Cast98 and connect with your new studio page!

Do it now

3. Add show(s)

Go ahead and add your first show ASAP so your performers see it when they sign up. They can't reserve an audition time until you say so, so there's no danger in having your show posted early to create some buzz.

Post a new show form your studio page.