Performer Logistics For Theatre Companies

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Manage 98 cast members, easily.

  • Online audition signups
  • Auto-syncing conflict calendars
  • Personalized rehearsal schedules

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Not to mention cast bios, auditionee profiles + insights, email templates, and more!

Top 4 Director Delights

  • Online audition signups
  • Schedule builder with auto-syncing conflicts
  • Curated cast bios
  • All-in-one auditionees dashboard
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Top 4 Performer Perks

  • Personalized rehearsal schedules
  • Exportable rehearsals to Google, Yahoo, Apple, Outlook calendars
  • Audition insights from directors
  • Profile and conflict calendar stored on the cloud
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Did you know?

Cast member conflicts sync with the Schedule Builder automatically, saving precious hours compared to doing it by hand.

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Performers use their profile to sign up for auditions. Directors and stage managers use it to edit show information and build things.

For Studio Managers Add A Studio

Studios join for free and only pay when using Cast98 to manage a show. Upgrade to an unlimited plan to unlock special features.

For Directors & Stage Managers Add A Show

Add a show anytime. Auditions are locked until a director enables them, so post a show ASAP and create some buzz for auditions.

Tips and Tricks

Directors: Enable audition insights to help performers improve their audition skill by knowing what they can do better.

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