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Cast98: All Digital Auditions & Scheduling For Community Theatre Directors

Cast98 Director Tools for Community Theatres

All Digital Auditions & Scheduling
For Community Theatre

  • Start and finish the rehearsal schedule in one night
  • Import conflicts automatically from the auditions form
  • Keep cast communications all in one place

How It Works

it starts with the Mobile Friendly Audition Form

Actors create their own profile and can sign up for an audition slot from their phone, tablet, or home computer. It's like SignUpGenius but built specifically for theatre life.

The Auditionee Dashboard keeps auditions organized

The audition form feeds a dashboard where directors can easily click to view any actor's profile including their headshot, past experience, conflicts, role preferences, etc. Directors can even score each auditionee in key performance areas and make notes about the audition live on the spot.

The Schedule Builder makes quick work of rehearsal schedules

The schedule builder automatically imports cast conflicts from their audition form, so your stage manager can start working on the rehearsal schedule right away. G'bye, Google Sheets. All that tedious spreadsheet work is gone forever.

cast members each get a Personalized Rehearsal Schedule

Actors see their name highlighted on the schedule and can filter the schedule to see only their rehearsals. They can export rehearsals to their favorite calendar app, and parents can easily view rehearsals for each child. Cast members with known conflicts are crossed out, so there's no forgetting why anyone is a no-show.

but wait There's More...

  • Contact information for all cast and crew is automatically compiled and made available to everyone in the show.
  • Cast bios are also compiled automatically from each cast member's profile.
  • Directors can moderate late conflicts that roll in after auditions.
  • Parents can manage kiddos all from one account (audition forms, profiles, rehearsal schedules).

Cast98 is proud to #SupportLocalTheatre

Our vision is to serve community theaters and the production volunteers who give up their time and talents to make their local theatre a success.

Complete Demo in 10 Minutes

Auditions - Casting - Rehearsal Scheduling

I'm sick of apps that talk big but don't show you anything useful before you sign up, so let's pull back the curtain and show you all the great things Cast98 can do for actors, directors, and anyone managing theatre logistics.