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Cast98 was created by Daniel Fowler, a web developer, project manager, and actor in Athens, Georgia, USA. That's me.

My mission with Cast98 is to help small-budget community theatres overcome the logistical challenges of putting on large-scale productions.

"I have always been stubbornly independent. I am a perfectionist and I didn't want this to be anyone's baby but my own."

Daniel Fowler, about myself


In my spare time, I am an avid musical theatre performer who discovered my passion for being on stage late in life. It was 2007, as a senior in college, that I appeared in my first musical Thoroughly Modern Millie. I was hooked. Over the next 10 years, I performed in at least four shows each year.

Every theatre I visited, I had to fill out an audition sheet by hand, pull out my phone and look up my calendar, and hope I would correctly mark all my conflicts for the next two months. In every show, I missed rehearsals by accident because I'd overlooked my name in some places on the schedule. As the schedule evolved over time, it became a real burden to make sure I was looking at the most current version.

To top it off, after a few weeks I would find myself double-booked for another engagement and, having forgotten what conflicts I marked originally, had no way to check if the director expected me to miss.

Then in 2015, a director friend mentioned someone should make a website that simplifies the scheduling hassle for large casts. People recommend stuff like that to me fairly regularly, but this time it struck a chord. I love doing theatre and I'm good at thinking through complex ideas, so I knew this was a problem I could tackle.

"I still needed a boost from my wife, who put me on a deadline in the summer of 2016. Without her, I may have never pursued this project."

Daniel Fowler, about my wife

In the end, I'm really proud of what Cast98 has become. So far the response from directors has been positive, so I are proud that Cast98 makes busy directors' lives a little less frantic.

Daniel Fowler
Founder of Cast98

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