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  • I reset my password but I still get an error when I try to login. The error reads "Whoops, looks like something went wrong!"
  • I am trying to add my studio, but I keep getting an error that says "You must activate your subscription within 24 hours."
  • How can I change my studio's referral URL?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can actors export rehearsals to Google Calendar?

Yep! Your cast members can export any rehearsal from the schedule to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar aka iCal, Outlook, or Yahoo! Calendar.

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Can I try Cast98 before I buy it?

Yes, you can demo Cast98 before you commit. Just go to

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I already cast my show. Can I just use the scheduling feature?

No. Cast98 is designed to take the burden off directors and we accomplish that by enabling actors to submit all their contact info, emergency info, conflicts, and role preferences digitally. Then we automatically sync that information without directors having to do anything extra.

We recommend that you invite your cast to submit the audition form as a formality because it takes them less than 5 minutes and will spare you hours of tedious work. Actors and parents of actors love Cast98; you'd be depriving them of some great cast-only features if you don't invite them to be a part of your show!

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How do I add my cast to my show?

First, you need to invite your cast and crew to create a profile on Cast98 and submit the audition form for your show. That'll take them all of 5 minutes, so within a couple hours you will be up and running. As they sign up, you'll be able to add them to the cast list by going to your show page and clicking Manage Cast & Crew in the director tools.

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Can I refuse late conflicts?

When actors submit the audition form for your show, a snapshot of their conflict calendar is captured by the form. If they add or remove conflicts after that, they need to notify you (the director) and you can choose to accept or deny their updates. If you wish to deny them, you don't need to do anything.

If you wish to accept the changes, go to the Auditionee Dashboard, click the actor's name to open their audition form, and look for the button labeled Save & Sync. That'll pull a fresh copy of their conflicts into the form and schedule builder.

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Do you offer a discount for non-profits?

Yep! If you are directing a show for a non-profit drama group or public school, you can ask for a discount and after verification, your account will be able to subscribe to an unlimited plan for a big discount. Please include the name and location of your non-profit in your request so that we can verify its tax status quickly.

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I'm not a theatre company. Can I use Cast98?

Yes, you can totally use Cast98 even if you're not a theatre. Dance studios, schools, drama clubs, chorus groups, film studios... heck, even sports teams, study groups, and non-performance-based organizations can benefit from automated scheduling, as long as they don't mind nomenclature like auditions, rehearsals, and shows.

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Can my auditionees upload their headshot?

Headshots and resumes are currently in beta, and will be launched within the next couple of months!

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How do I limit the number of signups for an audition time?

Audition time slot capacity is currently in beta and will go live next month!

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Can I customize the audition form?

The default audition form already includes all the information regularly found on paper forms: demographic info, emergency contact info, past experience, conflict calendar, and role preferences are all built-in. There's even freeform space for additional information if that's not enough, so the audition details can point auditionees to answer any additional questions like "Are you willing to dye your hair?" or "Are you comfortable with stage kissing?"

We are also working on a premium add-on to enable more flexibility for studios that need it, but we do not have a timetable for when that will be available.

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What does Cast98 cost for schools?

We offer public secondary schools the same discount we offer non-profit organizations: $100 off annual membership. Per show rate (without membership) is unchanged.

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I can't get logged in, what do I do?

If you need to reset your password, follow the Forgot My Password prompts next time you try to login. Don't forget: You can login with the username OR the email address that you setup when you first created your profile! For parents that maybe used the same email address on a child's account, you'll need to login with your username or else you might experience some quirky behavior when viewing show resources.

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