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Rehearsal Schedule Builder

Scheduling rehearsals for a large cast is a nightmare from which there no escape. It must be done, and it takes a huge time investment from directors and/or stage managers tasked with the undertaking.

With Cast98, a show director can immediately transition from auditions to casting to scheduling. Our Schedule Builder automatically imports all submitted conflicts from audition forms and syncs them up for easy side-by-side, visual comparison. Boom - that's a solid 4-6 hours of tedious spreadsheet work, gone forever.

The Attendees Panel

The Attendees Panel makes it easy to select and de-select attendees for any rehearsal you're editing/adding to the schedule.

You can show/hide the Attendees Panel by clicking on the users icon in the left-side menu.


Directors can organize cast members into rehearsal groups to make the scheduling process for large casts much simpler. With a single click, every actor in a rehearsal group is selected as an attendee and their conflicts are visible on the scheduling tool.

If your cast is fewer than 20 in number, groups might not be worthwhile but if you have 40+ it can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Click on a rehearsal group in the Attendee panel to select all the cast/crew within that group.

Cast Members

Straight from your Cast List, here's a list of all your cast members and the role they're playing so that you can easily select them to attend a rehearsal. Just click on an attendee to toggle them ON and OFF at any time.

A red tick mark beside their name indicates that they have a conflict on the selected date.

Crew Members

Same as the Cast Members section, here is where you'll see all the crewmen you've defined on your Crew List. Whether they submitted an audition form or not, you can toggle them ON or OFF and add them to rehearsals by clicking their name.

Rehearsal Conflicts

The rehearsal schedule will always show the names of performers who are marked as attendees on a particular rehearsal.

An actor who has a conflict on the same day will be marked in red with a strike through their name.

Accepting Late Conflicts

It is up to the director to decide whether or not to accept late conflicts. When a performer submits an audition, a copy of all their noted conflicts is attached to their audition form. When building the schedule later, only the submitted conflicts are visible to the director.

If a performer adds conflicts after auditions are over, the director can import the new conflicts by using the Save & Sync feature on the Auditionee Dashboard.

Publish the Rehearsal Schedule

Cast members cannot see the rehearsal schedule until the show's director is ready. A director can publish the schedule from the Edit Show Details pane, at which point cast members can log into their Cast98 account and see it on their Backstage Dashboard.

We don't expect directors to spend more than an evening building a schedule for a large cast (the preview above is from a real show with real cast of 102), which is a vast improvement over the two-week turnaround that many part-time directors fight to achieve. Making changes to the schedule later is just as easy, and performers see only the newest version when they log into Cast98.

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We add new servers as demand dictates or can setup a private server for your organization to take advantage of enhanced privacy and support. Contact us to learn more about Cast98 EDU/X and regional availability.