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Privacy & Terms

Privacy Policy

When you submit an audition on Cast98, your personal information from your profile is sent to the director(s) of the show. A show director may have multiple co-directors, and Cast98 does not moderate or endorse anyone who is given director privileges. These show directors will have access to your audition and profile information.

There are privacy measures in place to protect your contact information from being publicly searchable, but there is always the chance that Google crawlers can find and identify you (as is true for any website where you have provided your basic contact info during account creation). Contact information including address, email, phone number, and emergency contact details are hidden from your profile except when a director is looking at your audition profile.

As the saying goes, anything on the Internet never disappears. If you are in a life situation where protecting your identity is super duper important, please refrain from using your real name on your profile. Cast98 isn't responsible for anyone being findable because the nature of the acting industry is such that getting discovered means having your information readily accessible to producers and casting directors. We try to foster that same kind of networks environment on Cast98, so be smart about your information and make sure you're taking steps to protect your own privacy.

Payment information is never stored on Cast98 servers, so Cast98 is not responsible for any fraudulent charges.

Terms of Use

By signing up for an account on Cast98, users agree and give permission for Cast98 to use their information for marketing and communicative purposes. Frankly, we hate email so we don't send very many. But as a Cast98 user, you will occasionally receive email relevant to your account activity like audition reminders, tips for directors - things like that. On occasion we will send notices about new features, server downtime, or subscription changes but really... we try not to bother you unless it's important.

If you upload a headshot, logo, or image of any kind, we may use it elsewhere on our website but never in external advertising like commercials or billboards.

If you use our message boards or interact with us on social media, we may grab a snippet of what you've said and promote it on our website if it seems helpful to other users.

If you click on an advertisement while using Cast98, your name and email will be shared with the advertising partner so that they can follow up with you.