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Director Checklist

Each show cycle is filled with a particular sequence of tasks, so here is a 10-step program that we think is a pretty good model to follow. Especially if you frequently bring in new directors, having a checklist can be very helpful. Feel free to modify this checklist in your Account Settings.

  1. Basic show information - Once you've created your show, make sure basic information like performance dates are accurate.
  2. Rehearsal groups - Create the rehearsal groups for your show. You might group by scene, by ages, or any other subset of your cast that will frequently need to attend rehearsals together.
  3. Available roles - Create the cast list, entering the roles and assigning each to a group or two or six. You needn't assign actors to roles at this point (unless you've pre-cast your show).
  4. Audition information - Add audition dates and information via the Edit Show Details panel. Now that your roles list (cast list without actor assignments) is finished, auditionees can see that information and sign up to audition for a specific role.
  5. Audition form - Make your auditions public with the toggle on the Edit Show Details panel.
  6. Cast list - After auditions are finished, you're ready to assign actors to your cast list, and publish it with the toggle on the Edit Show Details panel.
  7. Cast conflicts - Your cast's conflict calendars are automatically imported to the Schedule Maker, so you can begin scheduling rehearsals as soon as your cast list is saved.
  8. Scheduling rehearsals - Build your rehearsal schedule by selecting attendees to compare their conflicts and find the best date. Then populate the rehearsal details and save.
  9. Rehearsal schedule - The rehearsal schedule is never public, and even your cast can't see it until you're ready to publish it (just like the audition form and cast list). the rehearsal schedule public with the toggle on panel. By default, your schedule is only accessible by directors until it's toggled as public.
  10. Rehearsal notes - If your studio account has a Basic or Pro subscription, you can post rehearsal notes for your cast and crew every day, and @mention people by name, role, or rehearsal group to make sure they see it.

Congratulations, you've gone full cycle! Cast98 is here for you through your entire run, so return at any time to edit your rehearsal schedule or upload resources for your cast. For example, you might share documents like safety procedures, scene change assignments, or rehearsal notes from tech week.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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