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Profile Assistant

Parents asked for it, and for awhile it was the most requested feature. Cast98's Profile Assistant makes family accounts possible so that moms, dads, guardians, spouses, and assistants can manage profile(s), auditions, and rehearsal schedules on behalf of another user.

Even though it's not necessarily a parent/child relationship (maybe it's husband/wife or actor/assistant), we will refer to the subordinate profile as child and the governor as the parent. Just a heads up.

Activate From Within Each Child Account

Cast98's powerful rehearsal scheduling features rely on each performer having his/her own account. That hasn't changed, which means a parent will need to log into each child's account to enable a Profile Assistant.

That'll be the last time you need to log into their account, most likely. You'll immediately be able to edit that child's profile from your parent account, and soon you'll also be able to sign up for auditions on their behalf and see their rehearsals highlighted on your personalized schedule.

Where to Find Profile Assistant in Settings?

It's available in the onboarding flow for a new user, for quick iteration as needed, but it can also be found under My Profile > Account & Privacy.

Why Have Family Accounts?

Ever performed in a community theatre musical? Children sell tickets, so the kid ensembles are usually quite large. Families keep these small organizations functioning through volunteerism and publicity. A mother with three kids in a production has a hard time managing three (four including herself) Cast98 profiles separately. They want to be able to manage their child without signing in and out all the time.

Welcome to the family, kiddos.

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Available in select regions

We add new servers as demand dictates or can setup a private server for your organization to take advantage of enhanced privacy and support. Contact us to learn more about Cast98 EDU/X and regional availability.