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Actor Reputation Notes

Reputation notes are one of the unsung heroes of Cast98's director tools. Capture important details about performers, from allergies to attitudes, rehearsal habits to praiseworthy milestones. A word... Keep reading

Audition Report Cards

We all know this scene: I walk into the audition with a congregation of at least 20 other waiting auditionees. My palms are sweating and my stomach is churning. When my name is finally called, I... Keep reading

Cast & Crew Contact Sheets

Cast98 automatically generates a contact sheet for all cast and crew members for every show. This is a private resource, so only cast members, directors, and crew members can view it by logging into... Keep reading

Cast Bios

Cast bios are built into Cast98 profiles so when a performer writes it, they will never have to write it from scratch again. Each show, cast bios are automatically imported for the directors to... Keep reading

Director Checklist

Each show cycle is filled with a particular sequence of tasks, so here is a 10-step program that we think is a pretty good model to follow. Especially if you frequently bring in new directors, having... Keep reading

Director's Guide to Auditions

In this article, I (Daniel) am going to walk you (the show director or stage manager) through everything you need to know about managing your auditions process with Cast98. If you haven't already... Keep reading

Director's Guide to Casting

This guide is written to help Cast98 show directors make the most of features available to them. Where we pick up is from the Cast & Crew tab on the editing panel for a show. Rehearsal Groups A... Keep reading

Director's Guide to Rehearsals

Cast98 enables directors to move from casting to rehearsal scheduling with no downtime. Where most community theatres choose to send a preliminary schedule shortly after the cast list is publicized,... Keep reading

Formatting Text

Whether you're a performer editing your acting experience or a director editing your show's audition information, Cast98 provides easy text formatting that may be, admittedly, a little new to... Keep reading

Getting Started: From The Very Beginning (For Directors)

In this article: Add yourself Add your studio Post your show(s) 1. Add yourself Create an account for yourself. By doing so, you'll have the ability to complete your profile and conflict... Keep reading

Getting Started: Setting Up A Show (For Directors)

Think back to your early days as a performer. What were some of the questions you had when you signed up to audition for your very first show? In this article, we're going to show you how to setup... Keep reading

How It Works: Online Tools For Theatre Directors

Cast98 is a self-service website that community theatre directors can use to make the transition to an all-digital, automated auditions process. And that's just the beginning. At its core, we made... Keep reading

Partial Day Conflicts

Our single most requested feature since we launched in the summer of 2016 has been "can I say I'm unavailable from 6-8pm, instead of marking the whole day as a conflict?" Finally, we are able to... Keep reading

Profile Assistant

Parents asked for it, and we have delivered: Family Accounts are now possible for moms, dads, guardians, and spouses to manage their significant others' profile(s). We call it Profile Assist. Even... Keep reading

Rehearsal Schedule Builder

Scheduling rehearsals for a large cast is a nightmare from which there no escape. It must be done, and it takes a huge time investment from directors and/or stage managers tasked with the... Keep reading

Studio Memberships

A studio may subscribe to an annual membership and post unlimited shows at no extra charge. A membership may also provide added perks and unlock special features. How to upgrade From the studio page... Keep reading

Studio Referrals

It's probably not what you think! Every member studio gets their own custom referral URL that they can share with their current body of performers to make signing up on Cast98 and connecting with the... Keep reading

Using Conflict Calendars

Cast98 performers can easily mark conflicts by visiting their Conflict Calendar under the Me tab. Conflict calendars have been designed for simplicity. As a performer, you only need to click on a... Keep reading

Using Email Templates

One of the great "Getting Started" features of Cast98 is that transitioning is a total sinch. As a member studio, you get access to a handful of email templates that you can customize and send out to... Keep reading