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Studio Referrals

It's probably not what you think! Every member studio gets their own custom referral URL that they can share with their current body of performers to make signing up on Cast98 and connecting with the studio really easy.

The referral URL takes users to a sign up form that has been stripped of all distractions except to create their user account. By using the referral, you automatically connect them to your member studio in their Backstage Dashboard. A performer who signs up on Cast98 without a referral is connected by default to our fantasy studio called Cast98 Entertainment.

Here is the screen a performer sees when they visit a referral URL. This is the referral page for Cast98 Entertainment, which exists only as a demo.

Friends don't let friends be friends with Cast98 Entertainment

So share your studio's referral URL on social media or in an email (we provide an email template to invite them!) or all the things! You don't have to be ready for auditions to to invite performers; they will have to have an account before they can submit an audition, anyway.

Want to unfollow Cast98 Entertainment?

Under the Me tab at the top of the page, click to Edit My Profile. Then look for the Edit Subscriptions button in the left-side menu. Deselect Cast98 Entertainment and click Save.

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Available in select regions

We add new servers as demand dictates or can setup a private server for your organization to take advantage of enhanced privacy and support. Contact us to learn more about Cast98 EDU/X and regional availability.