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Three Ways To Demo

Learn more about Cast98's powerful director tools with a demo. We offer three demo formats so there is something for everyone. Schedule a virtual demonstration, watch a 15-minute video tutorial, or get hands on - just choose your preferred format below to get started.

FAQ: Do you have a free trial?

Even better: you can post unlimited shows and manage your auditions and rehearsal schedules for free! And when your show grows beyond the free tier, a paid studio membership is designed to be affordable for nonprofits and schools. Learn more about pricing.

  1. DIY Demo
  2. Video Demo
  3. Live Demo

Do-It-Yourself Director Demo

The DIY demo is the self-guided tour for people who want to get hands-on with the full experience right away. When you join the DIY Demo, you become a director of our fake show Avengers the Musical with full director access to all the tools you will have when you're running your own show.

The DIY Demo takes place on our Cast98 X/EDU Demo Portal, which is a private server just like what your company could have if you subscribe to studio membership at the X/EDU tier. So in that regard it's kind of a 2-in-1 demo.

It is important to note that currently, there is no onboarding wizard on the demo portal. There are no tooltips or automated guides of any kind - once you sign up and opt-in, you will instantly gain access to Avengers the Musical and be able to explore on your own. For this reason, you may find the video demo useful in tandem with the DIY format. You can pause the video as often as you like and try out any tools as you see them introduced.

When you're ready, head over to our demo portal to give it a spin.

Go to the demo portal

Watch a Video Tutorial

The video demo is a virtual walkthrough of Cast98's core set of director tools. This 15-minute tour shows you nearly every tool available, but it is a one-way conversation without any Q&A (except in the comments, of course!).

Schedule a Live Demo

For people who want to see what Cast98 has to offer and be able to ask questions specific to your situation, a live demo may be the best route. Especially useful for non-profits and public schools that need to get funding approved from a board of directors, a live virtual demo is an opportunity to bring several stakeholders together via video conference. Please limit your requests to one per company.

All guided demos are conducted via Zoom or Google Meet (your preference). Please select the platform on which you have the most familiarity in order to prevent technical challenges.

You will need a strong internet connection, as screensharing can really suck the bandwidth from crowded public wifi or far corner of an upstairs room.

Use the form below to request a time and two alternate times (subject to availability). We will confirm an appointment with you and provide meeting details. Please plan for an hour, though the call will likely only last about 40 minutes. There will be a short presentation discussing privacy and process, followed by a live demo of the most commons features, and we will finish with a Q&A.

Request a Demo

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Please allow up to 2 business days for confirmation. We will make an attempt to schedule your top choice.

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New servers added as demand dictates. Private servers are offered to organizations who crave more control, enhanced privacy, and live training. Contact us to learn more