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Partial Day Conflicts

Our single most requested feature since we launched in the summer of 2016 has been "can I say I'm unavailable from 6-8pm, instead of marking the whole day as a conflict?"

Finally, we are able to strike that item off our FAQs, because performers are now able to leave a comment for each conflict. It's up to each person how helpful of a comment they leave, however. While some will undoubtedly be ultra mysterious with notes like "out of town" or "not available", our hope is most will provide their directors with some short and informative insight like "can be available if needed" or "doc appt from 5 to 6pm" or "driving from Atlanta, unavailable until 7pm".

How this works for directors

When you're building your rehearsal schedule, cast member conflicts appear as a hover effect on their conflict box, denoted by a warning symbol.

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