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Audition Report Cards

We all know this scene: > I walk into the audition with a congregation of at least 20 other waiting auditionees. My palms are sweating and my stomach is churning. When my name is finally called, I stand before a panel of judges whose faces are stern and cold. I crush my 16 bars and monologue, and I feel pretty good as I step back out into the waiting room full of nervous eyes and whispering lips. > > The cast list is announced, and my name is not on it. Whaaaaaaat? > > Okay, maybe I fudged the rhythm at the start of my solo but my belted high notes were on point. Maybe I should've used less of an accent in my monologue, but the audition form specifically said they wanted me to do that. Where did I go wrong? What did the director not see in me? ## TL;DR **Audition report cards give performers access to the director's observations from their audition. They are not made available to the performer until after a show has closed, and this feature must be turned on by the studio owner. It is OFF by default.** ## Delayed access prevents backstage drama If enabled, the performer will see a button on the show page after the last performance date is past. Performers may only see their own report card and can never see the report card for another performer. The performer must pay a nominal fee to view their audition report card. ## Studios must opt-in We understand that some theatre companies may want to keep private the notes taken during auditions. For this reason, studios must turn on this feature in order for performers to have the option of viewing their audition report card. ## How to turn it on A studio can turn on audition report cards from within their Owners Tools. Only the studio's owner can turn on this feature. ## Summary We hope that studios will use audition report cards as a means for offering constructive criticism to performers who desire to improve their audition skill. The directors' observations and suggestions, captured live during the audition, can go a long way to help an auditionee adjust for next time. Since performers must pay for this special access, we encourage show directors to do their best to provide robust, meaningful feedback.

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