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Conflict Calendars


Cast98 performers can update their conflict calendar at any time by going to Edit My Profile > Conflict Calendar.

Edit my conflict calendar now

Marking Conflicts

As a performer, you only need to click on a date to mark a conflict and then Save Changes.

If you have a partial-day, tentative, or "only if needed" conflict, you can leave a comment on any marked conflict that explains your special circumstances. When a director is reviewing conflicts in an attempt to schedule rehearsals, they will see any performer comments and can adjust to them as needed.

Marking Partial Day Conflicts

If you mark a conflict but you have at least some availability on that day, leave a comment on the marked conflict and describe your availability in as few words as possible.

Examples of good comments might be:

  • 5-6pm Doc appt
  • Should be back in town by 7pm
  • Might have softball practice, will know by May 27

Submitting Conflicts Before An Audition

When you (the performer) sign up for an audition, a snapshot of your current conflict calendar is submitted with your audition form. If you edit your profile after auditions and mark new conflicts, the director will not see them.

Changing Conflicts After Auditions

If you need to add or remove conflicts for a show and your audition is past, first go to Edit My Profile and update your conflict calendar. Mark any new conflicts or remove them as needed and Save Changes.

Then notify the director that you've updated your conflicts. The director will will able to re-sync your audition form to pull in your updated conflict calendar.

The director has final authority on whether or not they will allow late conflicts that are submitted after auditions are finished.

For Directors

Building the Rehearsal Schedule

When you (the director) are building your rehearsal schedule, cast member conflicts will appear as either an X or an exclamation mark on the schedule builder. An X denotes that the actor has marked a conflict and did not leave a comment. By contrast, the exclamation mark denotes that a comment exists. Place your cursor over the exclamation mark to see the actor's conflict comment.

Approving Late Conflicts

If an actor comes to you and says they made changes to their conflicts, you may re-sync their audition form to pull in the updated conflict calendar by going to the auditionee dashboard, selecting the actor, and using the Save & Sync button to re-sync.

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