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Using Conflict Calendars

Cast98 help

Cast98 performers can easily mark conflicts by visiting their Conflict Calendar under the Me tab.

Conflict calendars have been designed for simplicity. As a performer, you only need to click on a date to mark a conflict, then click Save at the bottom of the page. If you have a partial-day, tentative, or "only if needed" conflict, you can leave a comment on any marked conflict that explains your special circumstances.

When a director is reviewing conflicts in an attempt to schedule rehearsals, they will see any performer comments and can adjust to them.

Conflicts Submitted For Auditions

When you (the performer) sign up for an audition, a snapshot of your conflict calendar's current version is captured and stored with your audition sheet. That means if you mark new conflicts after your audition, the director will not see them. This is a safeguard for directors, to prevent performers from adding late conflicts after the rehearsal scheduling has begun. That would not be very polite.

Late Conflicts

If you (the performer) need to submit late conflicts, be sure to inform your show's director. If they choose to accept your late conflicts, they can pull up your auditionee resume and use our "Save & Sync" feature to re-sync your conflict calendar with your audition form.

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