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Formatting Text

Whether you're a performer editing your acting experience or a director editing your show's audition information, Cast98 provides easy text formatting that may be, admittedly, a little new to you.

Almost anywhere you need to type more than a single line of text, you can use Markdown (explained below) to format text with bold, italics, bullet lists, and more. Even this Help article is using Markdown, so let's explore it in greater detail.

What is Markdown?

Well, it's a programming language. But don't let that scare you. It's human-friendly and you've probably used its techniques before, like when you needed a bullet list but didn't Microsoft Word handy. Markdown uses special characters like asterisks (*), dashes (-), and underscores (_) to place emphasis on words and phrases, and if you keep reading, you'll learn how easy it is to use.

Markdown Formatting Cheatsheet

Bold & Italics

italicized text bold text

You can make text italics or make text bold by surrounding it with underscores or double asterisks.

Lists + Paragraphs

Create a bullet list by simply beginning each line with a hyphen (aka "dash") and a space. Numbered lists are similar: begin each line with a digit, dot (aka "period"), and space. Here they are working in tandem with paragraphs:

I've been doing musical theatre for a long time. Here's some of my favorite roles:

  • "Laurie" in Little Women, 2015
  • "Chad" in High School Musical, 2010
  • "Jimmy" in Thoroughly Modern Millie, 2007

Notice that sweet empty line after my list, and also after each paragraph? They are important, as you will see in a moment.

  1. I will eat all your green M&M's.
  2. I never practice at home.
  3. Kissing scenes are the best.

Leave an Empty Line

After every paragraph and list (but NOT after each list item), press Enter twice. An empty line tells Markdown you're starting a new paragraph or list.


The text you want to be clickable, like this, is wrapped in square brackets, while the full web address, including the http:// is wrapped in parentheses. There is no space between the closing square bracket and the opening parenthesis, like so:

text to show

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