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Features & Pricing

Simple and Affordable

What Is Your Time Worth?

Cast98 is the most robust suite of logistics tools available to community theaters. No other software offers automated features from auditions all the way through rehearsal scheduling.

Grab a napkin, do the math, and imagine you were paid just $8/hour for your time, which is roughly minimum wage in the U.S. The value of Cast98's automated director tools is measurable.

Do The Math

  • How many hours do you (or your stage manager) spend organizing audition forms and copying conflict calendars into Google Sheets?
  • How much time do you spend copy+pasting phone numbers, email addresses, late conflicts, and cast bios from your email?

What You'll Save

Activity Est. Hours Cast98 Hours $8 Hourly Savings
Printing + distributing forms
Audition forms, conflict calendars, cast info sheets, parent info sheets, leadership contacts lists, excluding the cost of printer ink
~2 0 $16
Typing email addresses
Cast list announcement + cast welcome + copy/pasting future all-cast emails
~1 0 $8
Creating Google Sheet templates
Conservative estimate for conflicts + schedule
~2 0 $16
Entering conflicts into Google Sheets
Estimated for 30 cast members
~5 0 $40
Scheduling rehearsals
Estimated for 100 rehearsals
~10 ~2 $64
Total ~20 ~2 $144 per show

So What's It Cost?

per show

Or subscribe annually for $299
($199 for non-profits)

What's Included
General Included
Cost $98/show $299/year $199/year
Tech Support Email
Audition Features Included
Online Auditions Process
It all starts with the online auditions form
Auditionee Dashboard
See everyone that's signed up and pull up their profile with a click
Audition Scorecards
Score auditionees in 5 skill areas, and leave notes for use later
Audition Report Cards
Enable actors to see their audition scorecard
Auditions Announcement Template
Copy and pastable starter template to announce auditions
Cast & Crew
Cast & Crew Features Included
Online Actor Profiles
Actors and stagehands can edit their profile at all hours, from any device
Online Conflict Calendars
Actors can access their conflict calendar from any device at any time
Performer Reputation
Leave important actor notes for the next show, like their allergies and attitude
Cast List Builder
Cast Bios
Auto-compiled from actor profiles and preformatted for easy copy and pasting
Crew Assignments
Cast & Crew Contact Sheet
Automatically compiled and accessible to the cast
Cast List Announcement Template
Copy and pastable starter template to announce the cast list
Rehearsal Features Included
Rehearsal Schedule Builder
Actor conflicts automatically sync into one easy-to-use scheduling tool
Rehearsal Groups
Sort actors into groups to save hundreds of seconds during scheduling
Personalized Rehearsal Schedules
Actors can filter the schedule to only see their rehearsals, eliminating excuses!
Export Rehearsals
Actors can export any rehearsal to their favorite calendar app
Rehearsal Schedule Announcement Template
Copy and pastable starter template to announce the rehearsal schedule to your cast

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Other Software Alternatives

Try these other products, or maybe you already have and that's why you're here.

  • Virtual Stage Management
    $275/show for 10 weeks; no automated features
  • Callboard & Co.
    $10/month for call time reminders
  • Virtual Callboard
    $20/month for tech crew coordination
  • Show Builder
    $195 download for... lighting and tech cues?

Prices last updated: 1/30/2019


We get a lot of feature requests, and our team is just one person, so it seems helpful to share some of the ideas floating around for what's coming.

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