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Director Referral Program

Every one of our customers can take part in our affiliate program. For every paying customer you refer to Cast98, you'll get a lifetime discount off your future subscription renewals whenever they start or renew their own subscription. The credit you earn is cumulative and permanent, so every referral subscription grows your discount until eventually your studio's entire Cast98 subscription will be free, forever!

How To Claim Referral Credit

Use your studio's unique referral link when sharing Cast98 with a fellow theatre leader. Find your studio's referral link in the Admin Tools of your studio settings. Then, when your referral registers a user account and adds their own studio, they will be connected as your referral.

A studio can change their referral source at any time in their studio settings. Any existing studio on Cast98 is eligible to be selected as the referral source for another studio.

Current referral values

  • $50 for a Basic subscription
  • $100 for a Pro subscription
  • $200 for a EDU/X subscription

Credit values are subject to change without notice, but past credits earned will never fluctuate in value.

This is a unique affiliate program that enables your studio to save big over time. It is sort of complex, but the permanent and cumulative format is more rewarding than a standard fixed rebate per referral.

Referral Example

You get pumped about Cast98 and invite 3 of your director friends to join. One of them loves the demo and purchases a Basic subscription (with a $50 rebate) right away for their studio. Another posts a show to try it out, and three months later buys a Pro subscription (with a $50 rebate).

You've earned a $150 referral credit for the two subscriptions resulting from your referrals, so all of your future renewals will be discounted by $150.

If those two referrals renew their own subscriptions a year later, your future renewals will be reduced by $300. Your discount will continue to snowball until eventually your renewals are 100% free!

Thank You

Thanks for recommending Cast98 to theatre directors in your network! Hopefully this referral program is a nice perk for our raving fans who want to spread the word.

If you have any questions about our director referral program, please contact support.

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Available in select regions

We add new servers as demand dictates or can setup a private server for your organization to take advantage of enhanced privacy and support. Contact us to learn more about Cast98 EDU/X and regional availability.