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Director Referral Program

The Gist

Get a lifetime discount on membership renewals for your Cast98 studio when directors you refer sign up for their own studio membership on our platform.

Then put this in your pipe and smoke it: every time they renew you get additional credits for permanent discounts. Your total discount is unlimited - if your referrals continue using Cast98, eventually you can earn a totally free membership forevermore!

How To Claim Referral Credit

Refer other directors in your professional network using your studio's unique referral link. Find that special URL on the Admin Tools of your studio page.

When your referral creates their free account, they'll be automatically attributed to your studio. When they create a page for their studio, the referral relationship is automatically passed to that studio. Then, when the studio activates a membership, the link is traced back to your studio and the discount is applied to your next subscription renewal(s).

A studio can change the referral studio that receives credit for their purchasesat any time in their studio settings. Any existing studio on Cast98 is eligible to be selected as the referral source for another studio.

Current Referral Credit: $50

That's the size of the discount you earn every time a referred studio activates or renews their membership.

Credit value is subject to change without notice, but past credits earned will never fluctuate in value.

Thank You

Thanks for recommending Cast98 to theatre directors, production managers, and other theatre leaders in your network! We hope this referral program is a worthwhile addition to our one-of-a-kind feature set for directors who are enjoying our software.

If you have any questions about our director referral program, please contact our team.

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Available in select regions

We add new servers as demand dictates or can setup a private server for your organization to take advantage of enhanced privacy and support. Contact us to learn more about Cast98 EDU/X and regional availability.