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How To Navigate The Site (recent changes)

I'm so excited about some of the recent improvements around here in an effort to make the site easier to move around. Here's a summary of the most substantial changes related to navigation, to help...

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So You Finished Casting Your Musical... Now What?

For Directors Getting Started

We hear more often than expected that directors come to Cast98 with their cast list in hand, having already held auditions and made their difficult casting decisions. So now they are looking to bui...

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Parents of Theatre Kids - The Struggle Is Real

Frequently Asked Questions New Feature Changelog Announcements

Parents with children are able to edit their child's profile without logging out. This saved a giant hassle for updating conflict calendars and making sure emergency contact info was all the same, ...

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New Feature: Profile Assist

For Performers New Features

Parents asked for it, and we have delivered: Family Accounts are now possible for moms, dads, guardians, and spouses to manage their significant others' profile(s). We call it Profile Assist.


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"Gosh I Hope I Get It" - Choosing An Audition Song Is The Hardest Thing Ever

Auditions Just For Fun Perspectives

Let’s talk about the time before auditions. Lots of actors have their methods for preparing for an audition, so start with the basics:

  1. Know yourself. Without getting ...

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Anxiety and Auditions: Why Online Auditions Are Better For Me

Perspectives Auditions Just For Fun

Knees shaking, palms sweating, and a sudden desire to visit the deepest parts of Zanzibar.

Yep. It’s time for my audition.

I don’t know about you, dear Reader, but I loathe audition...

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New in Version 3: Better Actor Profiles, Editable Audition Forms



  • [Change] Thumb-friendly menus! (for tablets and smartphones)
  • [Change] Faster page loading, because waiting 6-10 seconds per click ...

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Coming Soon: Theatre Venues, Improved Rehearsal Schedule Design

Just For Fun

I (Daniel) can't resist telling you about some of the exciting new features coming to Cast98 in 2017. Not only do I have high hopes to launch an all-new ticketing application that will supplement m...

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Why Automating Your Audition Process Is Better Than Traditional Auditions

For Directors Getting Started

Cast98 exists to lessen the burden of show logistics for busy directors. Any performing arts studio, theatre, or organization can use Cast98 to automate their auditions process. No hidden fees or <...

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Help Your Director By Revealing Your Conflicts Early

Announcements Changelog Frequently Asked Questions

Our single most requested feature since we launched in the summer of 2016 has been "can I say I'm unavailable from 6-8pm, instead of marking the whole day as a conflict?"

Our answer until n...

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Ways To Offset The Cost Of Online Theatre Software

Getting Started

Cast98 requires a subscription, and we know that for most small performance companies, local dance studios, community theatres, a budget for such fancy things is usually non-existent. We get it, an...

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