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New in Version 3: Better Actor Profiles, Editable Audition Forms


  • [Change] Thumb-friendly menus! (for tablets and smartphones)
  • [Change] Faster page loading, because waiting 6-10 seconds per click was not fun.
  • [Change] Backstage Dashboard is more robust and personalized
  • [Change] When you're logged in, the Cast98 homepage acts more like the Backstage Dashboard so you can get where you want to go, fast. Tap the Cast98 logo to get to the homepage from anywhere.


  • [Change] Performer profile editing has been consolidated so there's less clicking and scrolling.


  • [For performers] Audition forms can be edited right up until your audition time.

Rehearsal Scheduling

  • [Fix] The personal rehearsal schedule is now much smaller so dates and times are easy to skim. Check the full schedule if you need extra rehearsal info.
  • [Change] All-new rehearsal schedule that looks similar but is super fast and iPhone friendly.
  • [Change] Performers with conflicts will see their name crossed out in the attendee list.
  • [For performers] Rehearsals will be highlighted in yellow if you're on the attendee list. Your name is still highlighted, too, because it's fun to feel special.
  • [For performers] In case you're not counting, that's now three ways to distinguish your rehearsals. There are officially no more excuses.

Show Editing

  • [Fix] Save rehearsals without losing all your attendee selections.
  • [Change] All-new Schedule Builder because the old one was slow, clunky, and bad. The new one is faster, funner, and smarter, heeyuck!
  • [Change] Cast & Crew editing panels have been consolidated to a single page.
  • [Change] Show Details editing panels have been consolidated to a single page.
  • [New] Select multiple rehearsal groups to add many performers. Clear All to clear your attendee selections and start over.
  • [New] Directors Mode keeps editing options hidden until you purposefully want to change things. Less clutter, but still too much in our opinion.

Coming In 2017

  • Family accounts
  • Upload a theatre résumé
  • Upload a headshot
  • Private message boards for cast & crew
  • Studio Vault for secure long-term storage of documents and files
  • Studio logos
  • Auditionee dashboard enhancements

Have a great idea for a new feature? Let us know about it for a future update!

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Available in select regions

We add new servers as demand dictates or can setup a private server for your organization to take advantage of enhanced privacy and support. Contact us to learn more about Cast98 EDU/X and regional availability.