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Audition Profiles v. Family Profiles

What's the difference?

The long and short of it is this:

You don't really need to know the difference between the two because when you submit an audition, the audition form will use whichever profile is necessary.

If you need to update your information after the fact - such as to upload a headshot or resume - you can go to My Account where you'll find a section for your Audition Profiles at the top and your Family Profiles down below. Update your information in both places to be safe or look up which profile is being used on Step 1 of the show's audition form, at the bottom.

What is a "Family Profile"?

For the past few years Cast98 has enabled users to connect multiple accounts together using a feature called profile assistant. A user could provide the email address of another registered user to give that user full control over their data including their profile information, audition submissions, and rehearsal schedules. Designed with families in mind, this setup was an easy way for one user to manage profiles from a single account but it required a tedious set of steps to configure up front, so beginning in 2022 we've designed a better system.

To differentiate between the old way and the new, these older profile formats have been dubbed "family profiles".

Family profiles are being phased out in 2022. The profile information used in audition forms (emergency contact details, past experience, conflicts, etc.) will be removed from these user accounts and all future audition forms will use the new audition profiles beginning October 2022. Users can copy information from an existing "family profile" into a new "audition profile" from their My Account dashboard.

What is an "Audition Profile"?

Beginning in 2022, we've redesigned how users can create an array of profiles from a single account. This new system is designed with families in mind but also benefits individuals who may want separate profiles to highlight their varied skills.

For example, a concert pianist who also enjoys acting and music directing can create three specialized profiles: one as an actor, one as a musician, and one as a director.

For parents, it is now easy to create a separate profile for each dependent without the hassle of creating multiple accounts with unique email addresses.

To differentiate between the old way and the new, these newer profiles have been dubbed "audition profiles".

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