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Parents of Theatre Kids - The Struggle Is Real

Parents with children are able to edit their child's profile without logging out. This saved a giant hassle for updating conflict calendars and making sure emergency contact info was all the same, but it was still a really bad experience when trying to sign up 2-5 individuals (mom + kids) for their own audition times. Mom had to log out and log into Child #1's account, sign up for an audition and log out, log into Child #2's account, sign up and log out, etc. etc. Yikes. That's awful.

Today, I'm happy to announce that moms (or dads, or husbands and wives... whatever your relationship is) can submit auditions from within your own account. No more logging out/in a half dozen times!

How it works

When you're looking at a show page, below the Auditions section there will be a list of any performers that have given you administrative control over their profile. We call this Profile Assistant and enables any performer to define one person to whom they want to entrust their profile.

So if you don't see your child's name appear on the auditions page (or when editing your own profile), it means you need to log into your child's account and set yourself as their assistant. In theory, this should be the last time you ever have to log out of your account and into theirs... but still, keep your password written down for safekeeping!

What do you think?

As with all our new features, we treasure the community's feedback. So how are we doing? Let us know your thoughts.

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