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Cast98 X/EDU For Education Groups and Theatre Associations

Professional Theatre Software

Cast98 is now available as an enterprise solution for organizations who want to take full advantage of our platform. It is called Cast98 X/EDU.

Member Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Private portal for member theatre companies ("studios")
  • Custom subdomain of your choosing, e.g.
  • Live virtual training for your entire team and premium phone support
  • Featured placement for member studios on a public regional server

And then, on your private server you'll enjoy:

  • Top-of-page branding for your organization
  • Unlimited cast size for all productions
  • Streamlined user experience for performers
  • Full access to performer profiles
  • Multiple levels of user permissions
  • Unlocked access to all of Cast98's professional-grade tools
  • Early access to new features

Who Should Buy

  • School Districts/Local Governments that support multiple drama programs
  • University Systems/Campus Networks that support multiple drama departments
  • Theatre Associations that want to attract more members
  • Professional Theatre Companies who want bigger shows, the best tools, and top-notch support

Cost Breakdown

One-Time License

A license must be obtained for each theatre ("studio") that will use your portal. Licenses are a one-time purchase and never expire. Additional licenses can be purchased as your server membership grows. Licenses are transferable within your portal, so if one member studio leaves and a new one joins, you will not need to purchase an additional license.

Renewable Subscription

An active studio membership is also required for continued hosting and support. Payment plans are flexible if you prefer month-to-month or annually renewing for cost savings.

Use Case Examples

Example #1

A local government wants to setup a private portal for the 5 middle schools and 4 high schools in its district. The Board of Education emphasizes that student privacy is supremely important and they want to be able to delete actor profiles for every graduating class. They also want on-site training for all drama teachers and administrative assistants who will be using the system.

Example #2

A professional theatre company is planning a national tour of an upcoming production. They will be holding several auditions all over the country and want to build a new actor database, starting with this pool of auditionees, for their own future marketing purposes. They also want performers to feel like this portal is owned by their company so featured branding is a high priority.

How To Get Started

Email to start the conversation about your private server. Please include the following information:

  • Your company name
  • Your name
  • Your company affiliation
  • A link to your studio page on Cast98
  • The subdomain you'd like to use
  • Number of licenses you need

We will contact you to schedule a demo and fully discuss your timeline and needs and to answer all your questions.

See what all Cast98 X/EDU has to offer. Schedule a demo today!

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New servers added as demand dictates. Private servers are offered to organizations who crave more control, enhanced privacy, and live training. Contact us to learn more