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One Master Rehearsal Schedule Version To Rule Them All

LOVE the platform so far. It's a stage manager's dream.

We held our auditions yesterday and it was a breeze!

Nothing to download ✨ No ads or data mining ✨ Free for performers

How It Works

Cast and crew can filter the schedule to see a personalized version of rehearsals that are "just mine"

No more excuses for missing a rehearsal

Cast members see their rehearsals highlighted on the schedule, and attendees with conflicts are crossed out

Cast members can save any rehearsal to their personal calendar with a click

Rehearsal notes appear in realtime as a director enters them, closing the feedback gap at then end of a long night

Tag cast and crew by name, initials, character name, rehearsal group to make sure they don't miss a single note

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Take A Quick Tour With a Short Video Demo

See everything theatre directors can do in a 10-minute video tutorial. Pull back the curtain and take a peek!

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Live Q&A Every Week on Twitch

Founder Daniel Fowler hosts a live help session every Wednesday at 4PM ET. Bring your questions!

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Now Available in 8 countries

Choose a server to join the local network of theatre companies and performers.

You can also request to add a region.