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Protecting Actor Privacy Above All Else

LOVE the platform so far. It's a stage manager's dream.

We held our auditions yesterday and it was a breeze!

Nothing to download ✨ No ads or data mining ✨ Free for performers

How It Works

Only show managers can see auditionee profiles

Parents with children in the cast can manage them all from one master account

The rehearsal schedule is kept private; it can only be viewed by cast, crew, and show managers

Access to cast and crew information is restricted

Cast and crew can see email addresses for fellow cast members, and phone numbers for the crew; show managers can see emergency contact information at a glance

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Take A Quick Tour With a Short Video Demo

See everything theatre directors can do in a 10-minute video tutorial. Pull back the curtain and take a peek!

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Live Q&A Every Week on Twitch

Founder Daniel Fowler hosts a live help session every Wednesday at 4PM ET. Bring your questions!

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Now Available in 8 countries

Choose a server to join the local network of theatre companies and performers.

You can also request to add a region.