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Eliminate Cast List Friction

LOVE the platform so far. It's a stage manager's dream.

We held our auditions yesterday and it was a breeze!

Nothing to download ✨ No ads or data mining ✨ Free for performers

How It Works

Drag and drop interface makes casting process easy, even though casting decisions are hard

The cast list controls permission to protected cast-only areas like the rehearsal schedule

Special privileges for crew based on their assigned role, such as the "costumer" being able to see a cast member's measurements

Actors see their name highlighted on the cast list so there's no risk of accidental outrage

Customize your messages to separately welcome new cast members, and gently dismiss auditionees who didn't make the cut

Cast conflicts automatically sync with the rehearsal schedule so there's no downtime between announcing the cast list and starting to schedule rehearsals

Learn more about making the rehearsal schedule

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Take A Quick Tour With a Short Video Demo

See everything theatre directors can do in a 10-minute video tutorial. Pull back the curtain and take a peek!

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Live Q&A Every Week on Twitch

Founder Daniel Fowler hosts a live help session every Wednesday at 4PM ET. Bring your questions!

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Now Available in 8 countries

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