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Modernize Your Audition Process

"LOVE the platform so far. It's a stage manager's dream." - Cassie in Mississippi

"We held our auditions yesterday and it was a breeze!" - Michelle in New Jersey

Nothing to download ✨ No ads or data mining ✨ Free for performers

How It Works

The audition form saves to each actor's profile for easy repetition

Out of the box, the audition form includes all the most common questions

Contact info, emergency contact, past experience, conflict calendar, audition time slots, preferred roles

Control over conflicts - import any new/late conflicts with a click, and on a case-by-case basis

Auditionee profiles are protected - only show managers can access them

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Granular control over what's included

With a pro account, show managers can disable any out of the box section and add custom questions

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Founder Daniel Fowler holds a live video help session every Wednesday at 4PM ET.

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