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Rickmansworth Players

Studio Details

About Rickmansworth Players

We are an award-winning community performing arts group based in Rickmansworth with a membership of over 100 members passionate about amateur theatre. Founded in 1944 we continue to put on at least two productions a year, usually a play in Spring at The Pump House in Watford, and a musical in late Autumn at the Watersmeet in Rickmansworth. Our members get involved in all aspects of theatre productions, from performing, costuming, make-up, set design/construction and directing.

In addition to putting on a spring and autumn production, we have a weekly choir and youth group, run regular theatre-related workshops as well as hire ourselves out for murder mystery and entertainments evenings. We also have an extensive props and wardrobe facility.

We are affiliated to NODA - The National Operatic and Dramatic Association and over the years have won numerous awards, the most recent being:-

2019 - District Winner - Best Musical for Merrily we Roll Along

2019 - District Winner - Best Staging for Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe

2016 - Nominated for the Youngstars Award for Seussical

2015 - Winner of the Pat Redhead Award for A Midsummer Night's Dream

2015 - Winner of the Innovation Award for A Midsummer Night's Dream

2014 - Winner of The Kathleen Oyler Trophy for Chorus Work for The Producers

2014 - Nominated for The Joe Putnam Award for Best Musical for The Producers

2014 - Nominated for The Youngstars Award for Best Youth Production for Peter Pan

2012 - Nominated for Pat Redhead Award for Best Drama for Lend Me a Tenor

2011 - Nominated for The Shinfield Players Scenic Award for Wind in the Willows

2011 - Winner of Programme Design Award for Wind in the Willows

2010 - Winner of Flame Award for Excellence for Into the Woods

With so much going on there's always room for new enthusiastic members who want to join us, on and off stage, in our quest to create a high quality enjoyable theatre experience for our loyal audiences.

We hope to see you soon.

Upcoming Shows From Rickmansworth Players

November 2019 Sunset Boulevard

Award Winning Amateur Dramatics Company Rickmansworth Players present Sunset Boulevard – a show based on Billy Wilder’s Oscar winning film, Sunset Boulevard is a story of romance and obsession. Our...

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