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About OCEAN Arts

OCEAN Arts is dedicated to providing and encouraging opportunities in art, music and theater for people of all ages and abilities on Long Island’s South Shore through close relationships with other organizations including schools, libraries and civic groups and by creating connections between active artists/musicians and young people in a collaborative environment.

OCEAN Arts began as the Cultural Arts Committee of the William Floyd Community Summit. When the Musicals were cut from the WFSD budget in the days following the economic crisis, April and Cathy decided there must be a way to save the beloved high school musical. Working closely with the school district and the Community Library Friends of the Arts, and with the generous support of local businesses, they persevered. Soon it became clear that there were more opportunities being lost so they launched a children's musical theater summer camp on the stage at WFHS. As these programs continued to grow, the need and desire for more opportunities for people of all ages became clear. We strive to meet that need.

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Upcoming Shows From OCEAN Arts

February 2020 Beauty and The Beast

This tale as old as time tells the story of a beautiful young woman, ostracized in her own town for being uniquely thoughtful, who becomes imprisoned by an ill-tempered beast (really a young prince...

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