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Lacey Green Productions

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About Lacey Green Productions

Lacey Green Productions was founded in 1983. Since that time a proportion of our annual profits has always been given to good causes and our donations to date add up to more than £60,000

We like to vary the style of our productions and we also perform in a variety of venues. For example the group puts on “Dinner Theatre” where the audience comes to our home venue in Lacey Green Village Hall - a new hall built with funds from the Millennium Commission. At the other end of the scale we have our “Theatre at Home” - intimate theatre, where our performance goes into a private home. We write Murder Mysteries, performing them initially to our local audience and then taking them “On tour” to audiences elsewhere. We’re a well-travelled group!

Choice of plays is strongly influenced by the preference of the membership, at any given time. All new ideas are listened to and given an airing. Lacey Green Productions is always happy to re-invent itself!

There is no lower age limit, families with children are welcome. Membership is free.

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