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Hanslope Entertainments Group

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About Hanslope Entertainments Group

As the name suggests this amateur group are located in the North Bucks village of Hanslope. The group have been established over 30 years and some of those original members are still treading the boards!

The group have specialised in traditional pantomimes and have performed all of the popular shows. More recently they have performed pantomimes with a modern slant and one or two self written productions.

But they are a very versatile group and have performed farces, old time music hall, musical reviews, Christmas carol concerts, mediaeval banquets both in Hanslope and surrounding villages.

We are always looking for new members.

We always need more actors, but we also need people to help backstage and front of house during productions. Maybe you have skill or experience; painting backcloths and scenery, building sets, making props, lighting or sound. We are desperate for a wardrobe crew, we have costume, but it needs repairing and replacing. We need front of house people during productions to man the door, sell raffle tickets and serve refreshments.

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