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Dove Star Productions, LLc.

Studio Details

About Dove Star Productions, LLc.

Dove Star Productions Inc is not a new company but recently changed it’s name to reflect the new direction the company is undergirding. Formally known as Glory Enterprises Unlimited, Dove Star Productions has been around for over 15 years. This company under CEO Monique R. Ransom, began by focusing primarily on hosting elaborate Christian conferences, which included mini-dramatic skits or monologues during certain aspects of the event. This included skits such as (Why Don’t You Like Me?-Monologues, David & Goliath, News Station Roles, & Samson & Delilah and more).

However, this is the companies first attempt at producing their own a full length play. Monique has had experience with stage designing play sets, costume design as well in auditioning & casting roles. She has trained for the task. Director and Playwright, Monique R. Ransom has recently performed in the production of “Poor Jezebel” by producer & playwright Sherry Grant of Brown Girl Productions.

Dove Star Production is a Christian based multi-facet company with one mission and that is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We plan to produce in the future, more dramatic plays, musicals, concerts and conferences. Keep a watch. More is to come!

Upcoming Shows

March 2020 Who Is My Neighbor?

Welcome to the audition of our newest dramatic play-“Who Is My Neighbor?” This play is an adaptation of the book written by the director and producer Monique R. Ransom titled: “Who Is Thy...


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