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Dance Arts Los Alamos

Studio Details

About Dance Arts Los Alamos

Dance Arts Los Alamos is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that has been operating in Los Alamos County since 1995. DALA is dedicated to promoting dance in Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico by providing safe, professional instruction and quality performances. Currently we offer approximately 75-80 dance classes per week with an average of 5-12 students in each class. Ages range from 2 years old to adult. We work frequently with nearby organizations including CB Fox, Olions, Mountain Elementary, Chamisa Elementary, Fuller Lodge Art Center, Dances of India and NDI Dance Barns of Santa Fe.

Upcoming Shows

December 2019 DALA Nutcracker

Nutcracker on "The Hill" is an original ballet created specifically for the community of Los Alamos NM by Dance Arts Los Alamos. If you have auditioned and this is your first visit to the site please...


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