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Treasure Island

CAST Theatre Company

About This Production

CAST Theatre Company are delighted to be staging Treasure Island by Ben Crocker, as our 2019 family pantomime to be staged in December 2019. A Read-through will be held at Colnbrook Village Hall on Monday 29th July at 8pm, prior to auditions in early September. There are many named parts so we hope to involve as many people as possible, both experienced and novice, old and young, in the show. All information will be posted here in due course. We look forward to welcoming you to auditions!

Auditions For Treasure Island

About Auditions

Acting Auditions will take place on the evening of Thursday 5th Sept 2019. Format: Auditionees will be called for 'closed' auditions, either alone, or in pairs/small groups where characters need to work together. We will consider you for all parts that you list interest in, however in most cases we will probably not need you to read all audition pieces for every character!

Song and Dance Auditions will take place on the evening of Monday 9th Sept 2019. Anyone auditioning for characters with key singing will be required to attend a solo singing audition (Mrs Hawkins, Jim, Jenny, Squire and Long John Silver). Anyone auditioning for pirates/WI members and chorus will be called to sing in small groups. Dance audition will involve being taught a short piece of choreography on the evening in a group format.

Audition Form

Cast List For Treasure Island

Important Cast Information

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The cast list isn't ready yet, matey. Check back later.