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Irving Berlin's White Christmas


About This Production

Rehearsals will begin September 3rd.

Rehearsal times are generally 3-6, Mon, Tu, Tr, Fri, with Wednesdays added as the show gets closer. The week before the show and the week of the show may have later end times.

Auditions For Irving Berlin's White Christmas

Audition Details

Please fill out all conflicts on the rehearsal schedule. Any conflicts that are not listed will not be considered excused absences. Conflicts during the week of the show will not be accepted and you should plan to not have any conflicts the week before the show.

Singing - Blackbox - Aug 27 @ 3:15

Prepare 30 seconds of a golden age musical theatre song. Bring a track on your phone that has been screen recorded to start at the exact time you want it to. We do not want to wait on music intros and youtube ads.

Dancing - Dance Studio - Aug 29 @ 3:15 Dance call is required to be in the show. Dress out and bring taps, character shoes, and jazz shoes if you have them. 

Callbacks - Blackbox - Aug 30 @ 3:15

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Cast List For Irving Berlin's White Christmas

Important Cast Information

No Cast List Yet

The cast list isn't ready yet, matey. Check back later.