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Legally Blonde

Canberra Philharmonic Society

About This Production

A fabulously funny award winning musical based on the adored movie, Legally Blonde The Musical, follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. The show is action packed and explodes with memorable songs and dynamic dances – this musical is so much fun it should be Illegal!!

Elle Woods appears to have it all. Her life is turned upside down when her boyfriend Warner dumps her so he can attend Harvard Law School. Determined to get her back, Elle ingeniously charms her way into the prestigious law school. While there, she struggles with peers, professors and her Ex. With the support of some friends, though, Elle quickly realises her potential and sets out to prove herself to the world.

Legally Blonde The Musical features many lead and supporting roles both Male and Female, both singing and non-singing. There is a large all singing and dancing ensemble that also play many cameo role as listed below.

This will be a high energy, exciting and fun show.

Auditions For Legally Blonde

About Auditions


Auditions will take place in 2 parts. The first section will involve your group learning a small prepared choreographed routine. Please wear something comfortable that you can move in.

This is to be followed by you singing your selected song for the panel. The panel will evaluate your song selection on what we hear. We know what we are looking for, so don't be concerned if you are not required to sing an entire song. Auditionees for Lead roles will then do their prepared script for the role they are auditioning for.

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS (additional information can be found in the Audition pack on our website

Singing - Auditionees should prepare two contrasting songs (not from Legally Blonde) for their audition for Principal Roles, and one song for Ensemble. The songs should be from a musical and in a style that is consistent with the character that you are auditioning for. This should be something that you are very comfortable with, not something you learned the day before!

Acting - If you are auditioning for a Principal role, you should also prepare the section of script set out for that character. Once you have booked a time and nominated the character/characters you wish to audition for, the script will be emailed to you.

Dancing - There is a lot of dance/movement in Legally Blonde and everyone will be required to do a mvoement auditiion, this will be done in groups, so please wear something appropriate.


Please bring sheet music (in the correct key). There will be an accompanist at the audition; however you may bring your own accompanist if you wish. Backing CDs are acceptable as long as they are exactly that.... a backing CD. Please be aware that you may not get to sing all of your song. We are expecting large numbers of people to audition, so if the Audition Panel feels that they have heard enough to determine your vocal quality they may stop you mid note. This should not be taken as any indicator of whether you will or will not be cast!


  • Audition time is strictly limited, so use your time to show the panel what you can do. No extra time will be available. The panel will be looking for vocal quality, range and pitch as well as dramatic and movement ability.
  • Audition pieces should be well prepared. Remember, it is in your own interests to present yourself well.
  • An accompanist will be provided but you may bring your own if you wish.
  • Singing unaccompanied is not acceptable..
  • All auditions are private and may only be attended by the panel and auditionees.
  • Please don't apologise to the panel for the state of your health or voice. We have heard (and tried) all these excuses before.
  • MOST of all, enjoy it! This is your moment to shine.

Please note: Canberra Philharmonic Society reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to not cast any role from these auditions if, in the opinion of the Audition Panel, the right person for the role is not found. In this event the Society may pursue other means to fill a vacant role.

** If you have any issues booking your audition, please email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Audition Form

Cast List For Legally Blonde

Important Cast Information

Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned. It is always a tremendously difficult decision to assign roles when so many talented performers turn out.

The cast list is posted. Your name will be highlighted if you've been assigned a role. If you were not cast in this production, please don't let it deter you from auditioning again in the future!