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Sweet Georgia Brown

New Venture Theatre

About This Production

This new musical is chock-full of sweet blues songs of the ‘60s and ‘70s, like "I Put a Spell on You," "Let the Good Times Roll" and "Down Home Blues." The diva herself, Georgia, has thoroughly burned her bridges in the music industry, including physically assaulting Etta James, cursing out Dr. Martin Luther King, and stealing the Tree of Hope from the Apollo Theatre. Determined to get back on top, Georgia takes up singing in a hole-in-the-wall club, ready to do whatever it takes to be number one again.

Auditions For Sweet Georgia Brown

Audition Details

Please prepare a one-minute of a soul song that shows your range and vocal ability. ALL SONGS WILL BE PERFORMED WITHOUT MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT. (Dance / Movement Audition Required) Monologues will be provided at the audition.


Mojo Johnson - Blues Singer Male Ages 50 +

Ollie - Matriarch of the Juke Joint Female Ages 50 +

LaWanna the Juke Joint Jezebel  - New, young singer at the club Female Ages 18 - 30

Nippie and Sippie “Shank Sisters” - Sisters who sing back up at the club Female Ages 20 +

Pound Cake - Bartender at the club Male Ages 20+

Ruby - Club owner Female Ages 30+

Sugga - Club owner Female Ages 30+

Willie James - Sugga’s husband, and local business man Male Ages 30+

Georgia Brown- New hot head singer at the club Female Ages 30+

Cadillac - Music Promoter and Ruby’s boyfriend Male Ages 30 +

Herschel Johnson - Bar regular. Male Ages 50+

The audition form isn't posted yet, so cool your jets! Check back later.

Cast List For Sweet Georgia Brown

Important Cast Information

No Cast List Yet

The cast list isn't ready yet, matey. Check back later.