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Tread the Boards Theatre Group

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About Tread the Boards Theatre Group

We welcome new members.

That does not just mean that we want new members, but that we do, indeed, welcome them.

We have a proud tradition of being a friendly, open group of people and we are determinedly non-cliquey. If you join us wanting to act, then do not worry that you will have to take your place in a lengthy queue for a leading part, you may well find yourself in such a role faster than you thought!

We aim to make the most of the talents of all our members; we have no acting hierarchy - everybody gets a chance to show what they can do and to progress. There are no dead mens shoes in TTB!

If your interests are in one of the back-stage disciplines; lighting, sound, set construction, costume, etc., then you will be particularly welcome, as these are roles that are always difficult to fill.

You can always come along to one of our regular Monday meetings, where you will receive a warm welcome. We will be happy to tell you what we are about, what our plans are and show you how you could fit in.

The group meets most Mondays (Bank Holidays often excluded) from 7.30pm to 10.00pm at Wavendon Gate Pavilion, Isaacson Drive, Wavendon Gate, Milton Keynes, Bucks.

Upcoming Shows

No upcoming shows