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Cast98: Easy Cast Logistics For Theatre Directors


Painless Auditions & Scheduling
For Theatre Directors

  • Cast communications all in one place
  • Cast conflicts automatically sync to schedule
  • Start-to-finish rehearsal schedule in one night!

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Can I try Cast98 before I buy it?

Yes, you can demo Cast98 before you commit. Just go to

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or DIY and try the directors demo

Getting Started First-Timers

It will take you 15 minutes to get setup and stage managing your first show with Cast98. These tasks are only necessary once.

  1. Add yourself
  2. Add your studio
  3. Add your show

Auditions to Scheduling How It Works

Performers create their own profile and manage their own information. Directors post shows from their studio page. Performers opt-in for a show by completing an audition form, then the director can build a cast list and begin scheduling rehearsals.

Simple Pricing What It Costs

Cast98 exists to help community theaters automate tedious show logistics. We're not here only for the big Broadway groups like other stage management software... we support local theater.

Our plain and simple price is $98 per show.

Did you know?

Cast member conflicts automatically sync with the rehearsal schedule, sparing the director several hours of tedious spreadsheet data entry.

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Getting Started Our Mission

It's simple:

Cast98 exists to help small-budget community theatres overcome the logistical challenges of putting on large-scale productions.

Getting Started Director's Guides

Almost all of our stage management tools are documented in our director's guides. Loaded with tips and tricks, these guides are great resources for first-time directors.