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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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This play is by our playwright-in-residence, Lynne Thomas, who based it on the original work by Robert Louis Stevenson.

First published in 1886, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a Gothic novella inspired by Stevenson's fascination with the duality--good and evil--of human nature. Even if you haven't read or seen the story, you are most likely familiar with its impact on our call someone a "Jekyll and Hyde" refers to their switching unexpectedly from kind to nasty with little provocation.

Although it has long been the subject of horror plays and movies, Ms. Lynne's play is child-friendly, but still spooky, smart and witty. We rate this one as appropriate for an audience of five-years-old to adult.

Cast of Characters

  • RICHARD ENFIELD, Utterson's cousin, well-known man-about-town
  • DR BAINES, Doctor who treats Hyde's victim
  • EDWARD HYDE, Immediately disliked by all
  • JENNY PERKINS, Trampled by Hyde
  • ALBERT PERKINS, Jenny's father
  • FLORA, Jenny's aunt
  • CELIA, Jenny's aunt
  • NELLIE, Jenny's aunt
  • EDITH, Jenny's aunt
  • DR HENRY JEKYLL, Prominent physician, mysterious relationship with Hyde
  • GABRIEL JOHN UTTERSON, Dr Jekyll's lawyer and friend
  • DR HASTIE LANYON, Dr Jekyll's estranged colleague, curmudgeon
  • ATKINS, Lanyon's butler, calm with no opinions
  • POOLE, Jekyll's butler, forced to get help
  • ALICE MIDGLEY, Maid who reports a murder
  • LADY WINFORD, Dinner Party Guest
  • SIR RODERICK, Dinner Party Guest
  • MRS GREEBLE, Hyde's maid, happy that he's in trouble
  • MR GUEST, Utterson's head clerk
  • MRS DARBY, Jekyll's cook and maid