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Avengers The Musical Heroes

Cast98 Entertainers Co.

About This Production

New York has never before seen the destructive force of nature that Thanos brought upon the realm of Earth. That's why in our fun new Broadway musical, we will be putting that epic final battle to music with an alternate ending you won't find anywhere but in this show!

It is sure to bring in a huge audience, so anyone hoping for a nice boost to their acting resume, come and be a part of our production!

Auditions For Avengers The Musical Heroes

Audition Details

You'll need to bring your A-Game to your selected audition times. Expect to be at the audition space for 3-4 hours. Some folks may be invited to leave early.

Because of the sensitive nature of this surprise new ending, anyone hoping to audition should be aware they'll be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon arrival.

A headshot will be taken as you arrive for auditions. Late conflicts will not be accepted so please make sure you have all your conflicts saved on your Cast98 profile before arriving for your audition.

Character Notes

The Hulk will be cast separately from Bruce Banner. For the Hulk character, we need someone fairly large in stature to fit into the costume - 6'0" or taller - and with a deep, booming voice.

Anyone auditioning for Starlord will need to prepare a short, 5-minute standup comedy routine to be performed once for the group audition, and again at callbacks.

Serious note to Director Demo peeps

You should really submit an audition form for yourself so you know how that experience will be for your auditionees. Then, go to the cast list and assign yourself a role. Just for funsies.

Revisit the cast list to see yourself in your new role! Imagine how excited your cast members will be!

Once on the cast list, certainly you must try scheduling yourself into a rehearsal. Then go to the rehearsal schedule so you have full and accurate expectations for your real show!

If you haven't already... join the director's demo!

Audition Form

Cast List For Avengers The Musical Heroes

Important Cast Information

No Cast List Yet

The cast list isn't ready yet, matey. Check back later.