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The Little Mermaid

Miami coral park senior high

About This Production

Disney's The Little Mermaid- In the Auditorium!

Auditions For The Little Mermaid

Audition Details

Auditions include several days & events. You MUST audition in Acting, Vocals (Singing), and in DANCE. Day 1- Part 1-You will be taught a 30 second choreography. This will not be overly complicated- but you must dress to move. Part 2-You will perform 2 acting pieces for Mrs. Cole and the assistant director and stage manager. The packet includes "sides" that you may choose from.

Day 2- Part 1-You will perform 30 seconds of a song for Mr. Martinez/Mrs. Cole. Part 2- You will perform the dance you learned the day before- this will be in groups of 3/4. Day 3- Additional Time to act for Mrs. Cole

I MAY call back specific actors to ask them to try specific roles for us (IE, accents for Sebastian or the Chef, pantomime for Ariel, specific singing ranges, etc.). I WILL NOT call back everyone we are casting- only the students we are still not sure about. please do not try to read into this.

Break a leg!

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