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Who Is My Neighbor?

Dove Star Productions, LLc.

About This Production

Welcome to the audition of our newest dramatic play-“Who Is My Neighbor?” This play is an adaptation of the book written by the director and producer Monique R. Ransom titled: “Who Is Thy Neighbor?”

This is a dramatic and ground breaking play with a message about “who is my neighbor” centered upon the biblical story of the Good Samaritan used to display neighborly love. This parable mocks the “pious self-loftiness” of the Pharisees as they refuse to “become unclean” by helping a man who is hurt, a Jew like themselves.

However, the play will use the story of a married woman named Jasmine who answers the call of God on her life to become a Christian. In the process of learning the ways of Christianity, she also discovers the cold harsh reality concerning those who call themselves Christians, yet portray characteristics opposite of what Jesus expects us to show as love for one another.

This is a full length play. There will be several more auditions to come as well as callbacks, if necessary. This play is scheduled to premiere in March 2020. We are scouting several venues to actually host the play, however, we do have a location we are deeply considering.

Auditions For Who Is My Neighbor?

About Auditions

Thank you for choosing to audition for Dove Star Productions play of –“Who Is My Neighbor?” This is the first round of auctions to occur until each role has been casted. We are asking each person who will audition to have prepared the following:

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: A prepared monologue (2 minutes) A recent head shot or photo A resume of credits and experience, if applicable Be prepared to perform cold readings from the play for the roles you choose.

SINGERS/ CHOIRS/PRAISE TEAMS: A prepared song (at least 16 bars of appropriate music -- up-tempo, ballad, gospel) Be prepared to also sing Kelly Price “Tired” or Israel Houghton-“Moving Forward” A recent Head Shot of photo A resume’ of credits and experience (NOTE: Music Must Be Bluetooth or USB Capable)

DANCE TEAMS or INDIVIDUALS A choreographed 3 minute dance A recent Group/Individual Shot or Photo A resume’ of credits and experience Be prepared to choreograph an impromptu piece (NOTE: Music Must Be Bluetooth or USB Capable)

Audition Form

Cast List For Who Is My Neighbor?

Important Cast Information

Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned. It is always a tremendously difficult decision to assign roles when so many talented performers turn out.

The cast list is posted. Your name will be highlighted if you've been assigned a role. If you were not cast in this production, please don't let it deter you from auditioning again in the future!