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Account Types

Cast98 docs

People ask a surprising number of questions about user accounts, and so hopefully this resource will serve to answer many of those questions. Let's talk about who should create a new account and when.

Performers, Directors, and Stage Managers

Everyone who uses Cast98 within your organization needs a user account of their very own. Shared accounts are neither supported nor recommended, because Cast98 has built-in features to protect users, shows, and member studios from unauthorized access to private information. The only way to utilize those preventative security features is to require that every individual has their own account.

Because Cast98 even has features that are handy for stagehands (handy for stagehands, get it?) and potentially even pit orchestra members, these folks should also setup their own user accounts.

Username v. Email Address

An unspoken feature of Cast98 is that you can login with your username OR your email address. They both work, most of the time. As long as you remember your password (and you can reset your password if you forget it), that's the only hard part to logging in.

Although sometimes it can be a little tricky...

Parents with Children

When Cast98 first launched, it didn't take long to realize a lot of parents were using the same email address as their kids when creating separate user accounts. This brings up two important things to note:

  1. First of all, you do need a separate account per child because Cast98 profiles are setup to be for individuals, not family groups. More on that in a sec, if you keep reading.
  2. Secondly, if you have multiple accounts for yourself and a child(ren), and you're using the same email address for each account, you will need to login with a username and NOT an email address.

Why can't parents login with an email?

It's not that you can't login, but if you have multiple accounts that are using the same email address, the system won't know which account you're trying to access when it authenticates your credentials. So you may have trouble getting into the one you need, like when you need to mark conflicts for one child but not another, because the system keeps choosing the wrong one.

Also important to note is that when you forget your password (yes, I said "when" you forget), you should enter your username, NOT your email address when prompted. The reason is the same as before: if you enter an email address, the system doesn't know which account you mean, but usernames are unique, so use it instead!

Blame it on the sy-sy-sy-sy-sy-sy-sy-sy-sys-tem...

Why not have family accounts?

Because that would be really hard on directors. When you submit an audition for a show, the director gets a copy of your conflict calendar. If that audition form contains conflicts for three separate people, it's defeating the purpose of Cast98's super-convenient Rehearsal Schedule Builder, which takes conflicts and pairs them side-by-side for every cast member so that the director can quickly and easily see which dates are most convenient for an additional rehearsal.

And maybe this is getting too personal, but when your kiddos are 16, 17, or [enter appropriate age here] you might want to let them control their own Cast98 account instead of holding their hand forever, right? If they already have an account setup (thanks, mom!), it's super easy for them to take over when they're old enough.

I'll tell you the login credentials when you're older, Chip.

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