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Changelog: New Pricing Model

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Today I am happy to announce that Cast98 has a new pricing model. The previous model (annual subscription + per-show) was an attempt to match the cost structure set forth by other products on the market. I hate being a follower, and that structure felt sleazy to me. Asking for a payment to add anything to Cast98 just felt overbearing and unfair. I didn't like it.

Today we are launching a new price model that favors simplicity and transparency with no hidden costs whatsoever. Here it is:

Plan Cost
Pay Per Show (default) $98/show
-Basic Membership- -$398/year-
-Pro Membership- -$598/year-

[UPDATE 2/15/2018] We're always improving, and have now simplified our pricing! Due to the popularity of the per-show pricing model, we have discontinued annual memberships. You can't easier than that!

Studios can now join for free and only pay when they want to add a new show. That's it. There are still subscription plans available for heavy users that want to use Cast98 year-round for several shows.

My goal for Cast98 is to be the best and most affordable suite of productivity tools for community theatres, small non-profits, schools, and other unfunded/under-funded performing arts groups. Please let me know if you like what we're doing via Twitter @Cast98app.

- Daniel Fowler, Founder

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