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Anxiety and Auditions: Why Online Auditions Are Better For Me

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Knees shaking, palms sweating, and a sudden desire to visit the deepest parts of Zanzibar.

Yep. It’s time for my audition.

I don’t know about you, dear Reader, but I loathe auditions. Perhaps it’s the memories of my pageant days and being told repeatedly “you’re cute, but not queen material”. Maybe it’s the rejection of childhood being unearthed and threatening to murder my frail and fleeting confidence. Whatever the cause, auditions make me want to crawl into a hole, decorate it with pillows and cozy blankets, and mournfully sob through “I’m Not That Girl”.

Don’t misunderstand - I love performing. Put me on stage, give me a song, and I’ll ham it up like I’m Barbra Streisand’s long lost niece. But the audition… it’s a nightmare. Being under the scrutiny of three to five strangers and facing the possibility of hearing “you’re not right for the part” in a polite mass email is akin to Valjean swimming in the sewers.

On second thought, maybe Valjean had the sweet end of the deal? I digress.

My favorite thing about Cast98 is surprisingly, the Auditions. From the safety of my Phantom-themed lair I can fill out my conflict calendar, list my past roles, and create a profile so full of Razzle Dazzle that even Mr. Ziegfeld would be impressed by my life. I take thirty minutes to proofread my information, click which roles I want, and (finally) submit my audition request.

When I audition without Cast98, my mind is full of questions like “do they know I’m getting married on that Saturday, and that I can’t actually come to that rehearsal?” “I can’t play guitar - why do they keep asking me if I can?” or (my favorite) “They know my name’s Alyssa, right?”

My audition using Cast98 goes a lot smoother. With a profile and digital paperwork already filled out, I can focus on what’s truly important. Instead of questions about my calendar and if I told the truth about my age and ability to whistle, I can concern myself with singing higher than Christine on helium, dancing for Julian Marsh, and delivering the death scene of Eponine with more heartache than a cardiologist convention.

Try it out. Use Cast98. Clear away as much stress as possible from the already nightmarish experience of auditions. Then see my notes on audition prep in “Gosh I Hope I Get It”.

Until next time, Alyssa J. in Athens, Georgia

_Hi! I’m Alyssa, professional scribbler and amateur performer, and I’m taking a few moments to explain why I think Cast98 is cooler than the Jets and Sharks snapping their fingers in angst (which is pretty stinkin' cool in my opinion). _

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