How Cast98 Works

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For Cast98 Members Go Backstage

Cast98 is built to make the most resource-intensive tasks as easy as brewing a pot of coffee. And if you enjoy really fancy coffee, Cast98 is probably easier than that, too. We handle performer logistics for theatre companies, starting with auditions all the way through rehearsal schedule building. Get started in three steps:

1. Add yourself

Create your free Cast98 profile. All directors, stage managers, and performers must have an account to protect restricted areas from wandering eyes. That is to say, only users with director privileges can edit show details, only users with staff privileges can edit studio details, and only you can edit your own performer profile. Privacy for each area is very important.

User profiles include contact information, emergency contact information, training and experience, demographics, a cast bio, and conflict calendar. When signing up for an audition, all this information automatically becomes available to the show's director(s) via the audition form.

2. Add your studio

"Studio" is the term used to reference any performance company that uses Cast98 to manage shows. Studios join Cast98 (it's free, too!) and then users can connect with (aka "follow") studios to keep track of any show activity on their personalized Backstage Dashboard.

Any user who is connected to a studio is eligible for the stuidio owner to give them staff access. By default, the user who creates a studio on Cast98 becomes the owner and can promote users to "staff" at any time. Studio staff can edit studio details and post new shows on behalf of the studio.

3. Add your show(s)

At just $98 per show, Cast98 is the most affordable suite of show management tools on the market. Subscription plans are available if any studio wishes to forego the per-show cost and use Cast98 for an entire season.

Any "staff" person can post a show on behalf of their studio. They become a "director" - the term used to reference any user with editing privileges for a show. Directors can edit show details like performance dates, auditions, the cast list, crew roles, and rehearsals.

Performers will use Cast98 to sign up for an audition and, if they are added to the cast list, gain access to the private backstage features for that show, including the cast and crew contact sheet and a personalized rehearsal schedule.

Rehearsal Scheduling

Our Schedule Builder is what makes Cast98 truly special. We know that a rehearsal schedule for large casts is a huge burden that demands a significant time investment from directors and stage managers. There's no avoiding it, either. That's why we've made it as easy as possible, and you will notice the difference.

Directors can organize cast members into groups, and these pre-defined clusters (we call them rehearsal groups) make the scheduling process insanely simple. See for yourself in the provided preview! A single click on an rehearsal group and several actors' conflicts are presented for easy side-by-side comparison.

When the rehearsal schedule is finished, a director can publish it for cast members to see on their Backstage Dashboard.

We don't expect directors to spend more than an evening building a schedule for a large cast (the preview above is from a real show with real cast of 102), which is a vast improvement over the two-week turnaround that many part-time directors fight to achieve. Making changes to the schedule later is just as easy, and performers see only the newest version when they log into Cast98.

Cast & Crew Contacts

Never create another contact sheet! Cast98 automatically generates one for every show when you build your cast list! This resource is kept private, visible only to cast members and crew for each show.

Cast bios are also built into Cast98 profiles so when performers write one, it is also imported and formatted for easy copy and pasting into your show's program.

We're a small company with fresh ideas

My name is Daniel Fowler and I founded Cast98 in 2016. I think my team has thought of everything, but undoubtedly there are even still some features that would help you facilitate your productions. I would love to hear your ideas for future improvements, so please drop a note in the suggestion box or visit the /r/cast98 Reddit community, where Cast98 members can think out loud and discuss ideas with each other.

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