Audition Insights

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If activated by a studio's owner (this is a studio option, not per show), performers will see a button appear on their Backstage Dashboard for eligible audition insights. The button will only appear two weeks after a show's opening night to prevent distractions during the production. So, for example, if auditions take place on September 1 and the show opens on December 1, auditionees won't see a button for Audition Insights until December 15. They will never see insights for other performers.


Access to insights will not be provided for free, but the studio owner can set the price to grant pay-per-view access for willing performers. We're allowing a price to be set between $2 and $100, and the revenue from this feature will be shared with the studio 50/50 with monthly payouts.

Quality Is Key

There is tremendous value to be had for auditionees who want to improve their audition skill, and for studios who genuinely want to help their family of performers get better.

It's very important that if a studio turns this feature on, their directors are giving robust, detailed, and constructive feedback during auditions. It goes without saying that studios can sever relationships in a hurry if their directors are being critical and downright mean, so tact is important. Or maybe your performers enjoy harsh commentary, a la American Idol, and some unapologetic language is right up their alley.

All we're trying to say is, this feature is powerful. It's not to be whimsically turned on and forgotten. Cast98 is not responsible for broken relationships or hurt feelings or, more seriously, any legal repercussions of a studio's decision to make unwise decisions related to their Audition Insights.

Turn It On

A studio owner can toggle on Audition Insights under their Owner Tools menu on the studio's Cast98 page.

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